About Course

Heartfulness Institute (HI)  and Vivekananda Yoga University (VaYU) come together to address Mental Wellbeing in a simple and effective way.  The two Yoga organizations take to heart the issues of anxiety and loneliness that have increased globally during the pandemic. They propose a simple 6-week program to make a difference in the mental health of all who participate.

Take this free 6-week online program to improve your mental well-being. Practice daily Yoga, breathing, Heartfulness Meditation and other self-care techniques.

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Simple daily practices

  • Morning Asana & Meditation

    Start your day with a simple practice that will shape your day. It will give you the energy as well as the poise necessary to go through the day while adding benefits to your overall health.

  • Evening Pranayama & Cleaning

    End your working day with a simple practice to unwind and rejuvenate. Optimise your potential by letting go of the daily tension. Feel your energy reborn and enjoy your evening.

  • Night Connection & Relaxation

    Your sleep allows your body to integrate and deepen the practice of the day and it shapes the next day. Deep sleep is also the time when the body heals naturally. It is important to prepare for it with a simple practice.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Please answer these questions so we are able to serve you better

  • 2

    Week 1

    • Week 1 Session 1

    • Gratitude

    • Gratitude survey

    • Week 1 Asana Practice

    • My Companion Book Asana Practice Week 1

    • Week 1 Session 2

    • Evening Rejuvenation Practice

    • My Companion Book - Evening Practice - Week 1

    • Week 1 Session 3

    • Night Inner-Connection Practice

    • Weekly practice - Review

    • Companion Book - End of Week 1

  • 3

    Week 2

    • My Companion Book - Week 2

    • Week 2

    • Week 2 Asana Practice

    • Weekly practice - Review

  • 4

    Week 3

    • My Companion Book - week 3

    • Week 3

    • Week 3 Asana Practice

  • 5

    Week 4

    • My Companion book - Week 4

    • Week 4

    • Week 4 Asana Practice

  • 6

    Week 5

    • My Companion Book - Week 5

    • Week 5

    • Week 5 Asana Practice

  • 7

    Week 6

    • Companion Book - Week 6

    • Week 6

    • Week 6 Asana Practice

    • My Companion Book - Appreciation


Course Faculty

Dr. Jayaram Thimmapuram

Dr. Jayaram Thimmapuram is an academic hospitalist in internal medicine at Wellspan York hospital. He has a special interest in research and has several articles published in medical journals. He is a recipient of Gold Humanism award, outstanding teacher of the year and resident of the year awards. He has completed several research projects on Heartfulness meditation and its effect in lowering stress levels and burnout and improving sleep. He regularly conducts stress management workshops using Heartfulness meditation techniques for health care professionals and patients. He is a TEDx speaker.

Director Heartfulness Yoga Academy

Dr. Veronique Nicolai

Véronique Nicolaï is a French Pediatrician (MD), meditation trainer and Yoga instructor (RYT500 – RYPT) settled in India with her family since 1999. She started her journey in Yoga with Heartfulness meditation in France as a medical student. Convinced that meditation is one of the simple lifestyle adjustments that can bring about significant change in the field of health, she currently drives Yoga events and courses for the Heartfulness Yoga Academy.


Senior Instructor

Dr. Sreekumar T.S., PhD (Yoga)

Sreekumar is currently Faculty at VaYU. He holds a PhD in Yoga and his thesis work was on ‘Efficacy of Yoga based Mindfulness intervention for employee wellbeing in corporate professionals’. Sreekumar has over 20 years of corporate experience in leadership roles with Infosys, Deloitte and UST. During this period he was associated with SVYASA University in various voluntary roles. He is trained under Dr H R Nagendra, Chancellor SVYASA and has delivered numerous yoga interventions for multinationals in India and abroad. He has also trained an international audience across 20 nationalities sponsored by Indian Foreign embassy. He has multiple research publications on Yoga and Mindfulness especially on workplace wellbeing.


Suchitra Uniyal

Suchitra Uniyal, 500 hours certified Yoga Teacher, founder of Ekatm Yoga, and a Yoga trainer at New Jersey Yoga studios and public libraries. Have studied yoga for most of my life and began teaching in 2010 in different states of US. My interests include the study of Sanskrit and yoga philosophy. Under the guidance of skillful teachers and the lens of my own curiosity, my practice has evolved and continues to do so with a regular practice.

Partner Institutions

Partner Institution

Heartfulness Institute

Heartfulness Institute is a global nonprofit organization with thousands of volunteer trainers who serve more than a million meditators in over 130 countries. Heartfulness relaxation and meditation techniques are studied and proven to be effective in reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, enhancing emotional intelligence, and exploring the heights and depths of human consciousness. For more info visit: https://www.heartfulnessinstitute.org

Partner Institution

Vivekananda Yoga University VaYU

Vivekananda Yoga University (VaYU) is the world's first Yoga university outside of India focused on Graduate Yoga Education and Research. VaYU is located in Los Angeles, California, USA. For more info visit: https://www.vayuusa.org

Partner Institution

Wright State University

Wright State University is a public research university in Dayton, Ohio, with an additional Wright State University Lake Campus branch campus on Grand Lake St. Marys. Originally a branch campus of Miami University and Ohio State University, Wright State became an independent institution in 1967 and was named in honor of the aviation pioneers Orville and Wilbur Wright, who were residents of nearby Dayton. For more info Visit: https://www.wright.edu