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Introduction to Reality at Dawn

In this book, Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur, in very simple words, exposes humanity to the inner secrets of Brahma Vidya, the knowledge of existence, and describes the outcome of a dedicated yogic practice in an equally simple manner. ​

Course Objectives

  • Learn key insights that Ram Chandra shares in Reality at Dawn​.

  • Experience the flow and simplicity of Ram Chandra’s guidance.

  • Absorb the essence of Reality at Dawn and expand your consciousness​.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    OPTION: Preview and Download Entire Course (87pgs).

    • Preview and/or Download the entire "Reality at Dawn Glimpses" course (87pgs).

  • 2

    Foreword, by Daaji

    • Welcome to the Foreword, by Daaji the Heartfulness Spiritual Guide

    • Meet Ram Chandra, Babuji

    • Babuji Shares Four Practices

    • Experience for Yourself

    • Journey into Your Heart

  • 3

    Chapter 1 : Religion

    • Pause and Poise

    • Eternal Quest of Mankind

    • Rise above Prejudice 

    • God Is within Your Heart

    • Spiritual Attainment Lies beyond Religion

    • Recap

  • 4

    Chapter 2: The Goal of Life

    • Pause and Poise

    • Life's Purpose is to End Rebirth

    • Layers of Materiality Burden the Soul

    • Mind, Intellect, Ego are Coverings around the Soul

    • Freedom is Moving beyond Joy and Sorrow

    • Our Soul Yearns for Freedom

    • Aim for the Highest Goal

    • Recap

  • 5

    Chapter 3: Ways and Means (Part I): Free Your Soul

    • Pause and Poise

    • Find the Way to Achieve the Goal

    • To Free Your Soul, Have One Desire

    • Satisfaction of Desires Increases Our Load

    • Reduce Desires in order to Reduce Miseries

    • Focus on Reality Alone

    • Accept Struggles and Experience Your Soul’s Disentangling

    • Recap

  • 6

    Chapter 3: Ways and Means (Part II): Focus on One Sacred Thought

    • Pause and Poise

    • Stay Focused on One Sacred Thought

    • Treat Unwanted Thoughts as Uninvited Guests

    • Meditation is Gradual Regulation of the Mind

    • If Already Focused, there is no Need to Practice Meditation

    • Thoughts Will Fall Away if Ignored

    • Recap

  • 7

    Chapter 3: Ways and Means (Part III): March Forward

    • Pause and Poise

    • Have a Firm Will

    • Remembrance Develops Love

    • Confidence is Key

    • Moderation Creates Balance in Life

    • Prayer Connects Us to God

    • Recap

  • 8

    Chapter 4: The Guru

    • Pause and Poise

    • Seek the Guide's Help

    • Navigating Our Inner Entanglements

    • How Our Guide Helps Us

    • More Help from our Guide: Transmission

    • God is the Real Guide  

    • Qualities of the Spiritual Guide 

    • Recap

  • 9

    Chapter 5: Spiritual Training 

    • Pause and Poise

    • Correct Training Leads to Godliness

    • Focus on the Goal and Apply Your Will

    • Inner Cleaning and Transmission Remove Complexities

    • Thought Becomes Feeling; Feeling Becomes Devotion

    • Meditation Teaches How to Ignore Thoughts

    • Spiritual Training Requires a Guide of High Caliber

    • Recap

  • 10

    Chapter 6: Faith

    • Pause and Poise

    • Faith is the Foundation

    • Real Faith is Based on Experience

    • Faith Helps Us Reach Our Goal

    • Recap

  • 11

    Chapter 7: Constant Remembrance 

    • Pause and Poise

    • Divert Attention towards God  

    • See All as Divine Duty 

    • Retain a Meditative State throughout the Day

    • Have the Constant Feeling that Your Guide Is Doing it

    • Recap

  • 12

    Chapter 8: Self-Surrender 

    • Pause and Poise

    • Self-Surrender Attracts the Divine Flow

    • Recap

  • 13

    Chapter 9: Realisation 

    • Pause and Poise

    • Love for Love's Sake

    • Perceive with the Heart

    • Reality Lies at the Center

    • Realisation of God is Realisation of Self

    • Discrimination Develops as the Ego Is Refined

    • Renunciation Should Be a Natural Process

    • Regulating the Mind Changes Everything

    • Recap

  • 14

    Final Summary

    • Pause and Poise

    • Final Recap

    • Congratulations

    • Feedback