New to Heartfulness Yoga?

We have a meditative approach to Yoga that allows us to explore the physical, mental and spiritual all at once. Heartfulness Yoga brings you this full spectrum of Yoga by creating a seamless flow between asanas and meditation in every class. The uniqueness of Yogic Transmission is at the heart of our practice; each programme exposes you to the exclusive experience of the Heartfulness Practices, all designed to carry you deeper in your journey.

An International Yoga Certification

The Heartfulness Yoga School is registered with Yoga Alliance.

As RYS200 and RYS300, we offer multiple courses with these accreditations.

Find the right Yoga programs offered in the Heartfulness Yoga Academy.

Yoga For Health

Take a soft and holistic approach to your health and let Yoga transform your body and mind with our online courses.


Yoga Retreats

Let the soothing healing power of Nature carry you throughout this yoga experience. For 1 day or 1 week, choose your destination.

Welcome to the Global Yoga Community

We work at a global level with training programs, teachers and events all over the world.

The Heartfulness Yoga School is registered with Yoga Alliance International as well as other certification bodies. Heartfulness is recognised as a Leading Yoga Institution at the National Level and our courses are accredited by the Yoga Certification Board.

Heartfulness is part of the Governing Council of the Indian Yoga Association and thus supports the association’s aim to maintain and promote Indian Yoga traditions and provide extensive facilities for Yoga research.

Heartfulness Yoga has initiated the Yoga For Unity program in collaboration with the largest Yoga Institutions in India and global. Take a look at our program offered conjointly here.