Become a certified Yoga Volunteer

Yoga Certification Board - Ayush Ministry

If you are interested in being actively part of the yoga events that happen all over India and the world, if you like practicing yoga, join us for this 3-week online course and become certified by the Yoga Certification Board, Ministry of Ayush, India. 

The course is open to all without restriction of age. Once certified, you will be an agent to promote yoga for the well-being of yourself and the community, you can assist in the YV programs, assist in yoga classes in parks, related to IDY, be part of the Fit India movement, and conduct Yoga Break Protocol at work places.

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Duration &

Duration: 3-week program
Criteria: 80% attendance in live classes is eligible for certification.

Week 1 & 2 - Monday to Saturday, morning practice (1.5hrs) and evening theory (1hrs) for 2 weeks
Week 3 - Monday to Saturday, Morning practice (1 hrs)

Fees: INR 500

Become a certified Yoga Volunteer

Pre-requisites to succeed

  • Language

    Fill the application form before you enrol to the course. Some of our courses are done in English but there are other languages too. Make sure you are part of the right group.

  • Attendance

    Check the schedule and timings. Make sure that you have enough time to complete the course. Attendance to 80% live sessions is mandatory for certification.

  • Health

    This course requires to practice simple asanas on a yoga mat. If you have any health concern, if you are taking any treatment, don't hesitate to check with us.