NILAYAM means ‘home’. Let this Nilayam away from home be a place where you come to reset, rejuvenate and find peace within inspired by a breathtaking view of the Himalayas. The setting invites introspection and inner connectivity, allowing the strength within to reveal itself.  

With the addition of a yoga practice adapted to you and a diet based on yogic principles, this Nilayam is the perfect place for anyone looking for a pause in life. Ready yourself to feel the transformational effect of the Heartfulness practices.

Structure: 7 days – 7 nights 

Criteria: Adults only, all levels

Fee: 30,000/- INR

Every day: 

  • Morning yoga practice according to your level
  • Workshops on Yoga
  • Comfortable hikes to nearby villages
  • Time and space to rest, read and reflect
  • Restorative evening practice
  • Evening group activity


  • Satvik food 
  • Brunch and dining with view of the Himalayas
  • Accommodation in shared twin bedrooms
  • Access to the Satkhol Himalayan Ashram
  • Access to the library

Does not includes: 

  • Travel to Haldwani
  • Transport from airport/station to Nilayam
  • Any other expense outside the activities offered

Let us guide you on how to reach the Nilayam - you can find all the details on this page: Reaching Satkhol