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    Fill the application form before you enrol to the course. We want to check if this course is adapted and help you find the best course for you.

  • Time

    Check the schedule for this course below and make sure that you have put enough time aside to complete it - attendance to all live sessions is mandatory for certification.

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    If you have any health concern, if you are taking any treatment, or in case of any health-related question, don't hesitate to check with us.

About the course

Check the schedule for this course and make sure that you have put enough time aside to complete it.  The online part includes 6 weeks of training with 1 hour of practice per day and 2 hours of theory (pre-recorded videos) as well as a 2-hour webinar every Sunday. 

Attendance to all live sessions is mandatory for certification. Sunday webinars are live and need your participation. 

The last 2 weeks towards certification are onsite at the Heartfulness Meditation Center in Dubai, UAE.  It is a full time training from 7am to 6pm for 2 weeks including Saturdays and the first Sunday of the program.


The fees are as below per person for the full course:
Course fee: 1250 USD
Early birds: 1150 USD

This includes access to material on the online platform: Weekly pre-recorded material - practice videos, theory classes, downloadable material, quiz.

Access to Weekly webinar with direct guidance from the Lead Trainer.

Personal mentoring for the totality of the course.

Yoga Material during the onsite part: T-shirt, Yoga book reference, Asana book.

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Apply to the course

We will help you find the best course for you


To take this course, I understand that I need to:
• Have the time to practice and follow the online program as described below
• Take time off from work and family and travel for the 2-week onsite immersion segment
• Have been practicing consistently yoga for 1 year and be able to demonstrate all the poses
• Be 18 years of age or older

Fill the application form first so that we can check that you have the requested level and let us guide you towards the best course for your growth.

This course is a professional certification and is not meant for beginners in Yoga. Be prepared to demonstrate poses as a learning tool. You will learn how to “teach” these poses to students and will be making great improvements with your posture along the way. 

Students who would have registered without a proper experience in Yoga practice might be asked to extend their training into a subsequent batch. 

Course curriculum

Pre-recorded sessions are accessible only on enrolment
Week 1-6 are self-paced learning (Webinar's on Sundays)
Week 7 & 8 are Onsite in Dubai Heartfulness Center

  • 1

    Before starting

    • Getting Ready

    • Your Companion Book

    • Intention Setting

  • 2

    Week-1 Introduction to the world of Yoga

    • Welcome

    • Safe Practice

    • Practice Video - One hour flow W1F1

    • Asana Video 1 - Surya Namaskar

    • Theory Video 1 - Yogic Lifestyle

    • Theory Video 2- History of Yoga

    • Week 1 - Quiz

    • End of Week 1

    • My Companion Book - Week 1

  • 3

    Week-2 Yogic Anatomy and Physiology

    • Welcome to Week 2

    • Practice Video - One hour flow W2F2

    • Asana video 1 - Titali Asana

    • Asana Video 3- Trikonasana

    • Asana video 2- Bhadrasana

    • Theory Video 1- Yogic Anatomy

    • Theory video 2- Ayurveda

    • Introduction to Heartfulness Meditation

    • Week 2 - Quiz

    • My Companion Book

  • 4

    Week-3 Introduction to the Bhagavad Gita

    • Welcome to 'Week 3'!

    • Practice Video - One hour flow W3F3

    • Asana Video 1- Virabhadrasana 1

    • Аsana Video 2- Virabhadrasana 2

    • Аsana Video 3- Shalabhasana

    • Theory Video 1- Bhagavad Gita

    • Theory Video 2- Skeletal System

    • Introduction to Heartfulness Cleaning

    • Quiz 3

    • My Companion Book

  • 5

    Week-4 The 4 paths of Yoga

    • Welcome to Week 4

    • Practice Video - One hour flow W4F4

    • Аsana Video 1- Paschimottanasana

    • Аsana Video 2- Rajakapotasana

    • Аsana Video 3- Parivrtta Janu Sirshasana

    • Theory Video 1- Four Path of Yoga

    • Тheory Video 2- Мuscular System

    • Introduction to Inner Connect

    • Quiz 4

    • My Companion Book

  • 6

    Week-5 Yoga and Breathing

    • Welcome to Week 5

    • Practice Video - One hour flow W5F5

    • Аsana Video 1- Bhujangasana

    • Аsana Video 2- Dhanurasana

    • Аsana Video 3- Setu Bandhasana

    • Тheory Video 1- Sankhya Philosophy

    • Theory Video 2 - Cardiovascular System

    • Тheory Video 3 - Respiratory System

    • The Condition

    • My Companion Book

  • 7

    Week-6 From Patanjali to Modern Yogis

    • Welcome to Week 6!!

    • Practice Video - One hour flow W6F6

    • W6A1 - Marjariasana

    • W6A2 - Shashankasana

    • Тheory Video 1- Аshtanga Yoga

    • Тheory Video 2- Modern Schools of Yoga

    • Week 5 & 6 - Quiz

    • My Companion Book

  • 8

    Week 7 Day 1

    • Day 01 - Yoga Sutra Class 01 Explaining the benefits of chanting Meaning of Opening & Closing Prayers + Om Chanting OM Experience of OM Chanting

    • Day 01 - Theory of Asana _ Sukhasana, Siddhasana, Surya Namaskar

    • Loosening Exercise

  • 9

    Week 7 Day 2

    • Day 02 - Yoga Sutra Class 02 Chanting Opening and Closing Prayers + Pronunciation + Memorization word by work Explanation of Yoga Sutras Chanting + Yogena Chitasya Prayer Chanting + Meaning

    • Day 02 - Theory of Asana 02 Abdominal breathing, Tadasana, Vriksasana

    • Quiz 1

    • Goal of Yoga PDF

  • 10

    Week 7 Day 3

    • Day 03 - Theory of Asana 03 Yogic breathing: Om chanting Uttanasana Trikonasana

    • Day 03 - Chanting Class 03 Yogena Chittasia prayer pronunciation + memorization Sutras Chap 1 with English Translation + meaning Chanting and memorization Sutras 1 To 4

    • Quiz 2

    • Spiritual Anatomy and Evolution of Consciousness PDF

  • 11

    Week 7 Day 4

    • Day 04 - Chanting Class 03 Yogena Chittasia prayer pronunciation Sutras Chap 1 with English Translation + meaning Chanting Sutras 1 to 4

    • Day 04 - Theory of Asana 04 Nadi Shuddhi (Alternate Nostril Breathing), Parivrtta Trikonasana, Parsva Uttanasana

    • Quiz 3

    • Tantra and Hatha Yoga Principles PDF

  • 12

    Week 7 Day 5

    • Day 05 - Chanting class 04 Sutras Chap 1 with English Translation + meaning Chanting and memorization Sutras 5 To 11

    • Day 05 - Theory of Asana 05 Kapalabhathi, Virabhadrasana 1 & 3 ,Utkatasana

    • Quiz 4

    • Hatha Yoga Pradipika

  • 13

    Week 7 Day 6

    • Day 06 - Chanting Class 06 Sutras Chap 1 with English Translation + meaning Chanting and memorization Sutras 5 To 11

    • Day 06 - Theory of Asana 06 Bhramari Pranayama, Ardha Matsyendrasana, Gomukhasana

  • 14

    Patanjali Yoga Sutras

    • Yoga Sutras

TTC 200


Lead Trainer

Amar Srividya

Amar Srividya’s passion for yoga led him to explore different styles of yoga: in Hatha Yoga E-RYT500 hrs, Ashtanga Yoga (Mysore) and Prenatal Yoga and Pranayama course from the Bihar School of Yoga. He completed his Master of Yogic Science. Amar has been training people of different age groups in India and abroad. Prior to this, Amar has six years of work experience in the Human Resource Departments in the corporate sector.

Lead Trainer

Marion Marceau

Prior to being a yoga teacher, Marion had a strong experience as an educator in France and abroad. Her love for Indian culture pushed her to settle down in India for many years where she learned Heartfulness meditation under the guidance of her Master and expanded her knowledge and experience in the realm of Yoga. Marion has been certified as a yoga teacher from the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta organisation in India. Marion is a Registered Yoga Teacher (E- RYT 500) with Yoga Alliance.