Humanity’s way forward is through the heart

Heartfulness is a simple and subtle practice of meditation that connects each of us with the light and love in our hearts. We offer the world a daily practice that awakens our potential for simple, joyful existence. This precious gift of human transformation is offered free of charge.

Courses offered through this site are to enable seekers to learn various Heartfulness practices at their own pace and at the comfort of their own homes.


Here's what people who tried Heartfulness had to say

Significant Impact

Jo Jack, Teacher, New Zealand

Learning about and practicing Heartfulness Mediation has made a significant impact on me and my family. Through our participation we have experienced a calm that resonates throughout the day and our relationships have improved as a result. I was encouraged to go to a group sitting for beginners by a friend who found it helpful in reducing stress and anxiety. The technique was easy to learn and I have found the mentors genuine in their desire to share what they have learnt. Heartfulness Meditation has become a vital part of my daily life now and I recommend it with all sincerity.

Amazing Program

Dr Hoyt Ross, CEO, Promise Hospital, Oxford, FL, USA

This is an amazing program that you have. All of the presenters were extremely professional, and I could feel the passion as they presented. I feel honored to have been a part of your program and would invite you and the Heartfulness Institute to come on a regular basis. I know there are many others who would enjoy the program.

Makes Me Go to Sleep Faster

Seventh grade girl, Novi, MI

Heartfulness Relaxation helps me relax and focus better. I do the relaxation before I go to bed every day and it makes me go to sleep faster.

Positive Results

Dr Mansee Thakur, I/C Director, MGM Institute of Health Science, India.

I am short of words as meditation has very positive results. Physicians participating in Heartfulness training report enhanced personal well-being, decreased burnout, and improved attitude towards patient care. I am sure you will also realize a positive change.

Live in the Moment

Jazmin Ortiz, Library Clerk, Orange Park Branch Library

It has been a delight working with the Jacksonville branch of Heartfulness. The twice a month meditation and relaxation sessions at the Orange Park Branch Library have introduced our patrons to the practice of meditation and to its health benefits. But more importantly, as many patrons have expressed, the sessions have reminded them to take time for themselves; to live in the moment, and to embrace the positives of life.